Vitus Aurelius, known as Vito

Order of the Pelican

Modern Name: Michael Velotta

Vitus Aurelius, known as Vito. Head of household for Vito's Minions. Not himself a Minion, has Minions, doesn't like them. Self-described goddamn paterfamilias. Only recruited one guy. Retired CO of Legio Draconis, Gold Mace. Land agent for Villa Vino, the Minion camp he built. Invented couches. Makes wine, sausage, garb, and Roman gates. Has a ladies clothing line, is that Vito Couture you're wearing? Trains armored Minions in fundamental fighting technique and hospitality. SCA device: Gules, six towers argent, three and three, the arms of the small town in Italy from which his parents came.