Victorius Suspectus, known as Vici

Order of the Pelican

Modern Name: Peter Wells

Victorius Suspectus, known as Vici Armicustos for Vito's Minions. Responsible for armor, shield, and weapon fabrication and quartermaster. Retired XO from Legio Draconis command staff. Gold Mace. Praetorian of Vito's Minions. Household second in command to Vito. Responsible for hosting household practices and Facebook page, safety, and training new Minion fighters for authorization. Tall old guy with an SPQR tattoo, in either black Roman garb or plastic Roman lorica segmentata. Arms: Gules, on a cushion argent a horse's head erased sable. Mundanely a stained glass window glazer at MFA in drawing, used to teach life drawing at Cleveland State University. Lives in a cabin in the woods in Cleveland, OH. Quotes: We cannot increase the size of the Society with just one business model. The only difference between someone who wants to be an armored SCA fighter and an SCA fighter is armor.