Talymar gan y Llwynn

Order of the Pelican

Modern Name: George Johnson
Elevation Date: 1990-06-23

Ducal-- Apr 14, 1983

County-- Oct 04, 1980

Knight-- Aug 18, 1979

Pelican-- Jun 23, 1990

Order of the Dragon's Heart-- May 12, 1990

Award of the Purple Fret-- Jul 14, 1984

Award of the Doe's Grace-- Jul 27, 91

Order of the Dragon's Tooth-- May 03, 1980

Order of the Dragon's Barb-- Aug 17, 1989

Award of Arms-- May 14, 1977

Augmentation of Arms-- May 17, 1988

(On a chief the M.K. badge)

Served on the SCA Board of Directors

Squires Knighted:

Baron Thomas ap Llewellyn, KSCA, OL

Sir Otto von Schwartzkatz, KSCA

Viscount Myles Blackheath, KSCA

Squired to: Duke Andrew of Seldom Rest, KSCA, OP