Rose Marian of Edgewater

Order of the Pelican

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Modern Name: Mary Sanger
Elevated by: Christopher & Maurya I, King and Queen of Aethelmearc
Elevation Date: 1998-09-12

Companion of the Silver Crescent (Service) (East); Keystone (Service)(Principality of Aethelmearc), Sycamore (A&S award) (Principality of Aethelmearc), Companion of the Millrind w/GoA (Service)(Kingdom of Aethelmearc), Companion of the Pelican (Kingdom of Aethelmearc); Northern Cross (Service)(Principality of Northshield-order closed at kingdom elevation), Companion of Bridget's Flame w/GoA (A&S award) (Kingdom of Northshield) Kingdom borders have moved where I've lived, and I've moved as well. I've been at 3 First Coronations, Aethelmearc's, Ealdormere's (I lived across the river at the time), and Northshield's.