Rosamund Beauvisage

Order of the Pelican

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Modern Name: Laura Hume
Elevated by: Finn III & Tamara I
Elevation Date: 2000-02-26

*Domina misericordia non domi erit hac nocte. *

CURRENT FUNCTIONS: Emergency Mayor, Pennsic War 47; Seneschal, Marche of Winged Hills.

MOST NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: MK Seneschal (A.S. 36-38), Pennsic 36 Mayor (A.S. 42); MK A&S Champion; Dean of the College of History for RUM; staying out of trouble.

APPRENTICES: Lady Appolonia von Wurttenberg, THL Jerusha a'Laon, Lady Bronwyn ni Mhathain.

PROTEGES: Lady Appolonia von Wurttenberg, Lord Hergeirr Olafsson and Lady Ainthfine Hergeirrskona.

FAVES: Husband, Brad, daughter, Elisabeth Beauvisage (MKA Alexandra); TRUE friends; fixing what needs to be fixed and doing what needs to be done; sparklies (especially green ones); GOOD single-malt scotch; REALzinfandel (not that pink stuff); homemade marzipan; belly laughs; classic rock music.

HATES: Injustice; unkindness; roughing it (slow room service); my thighs. 'Nuf said.

*MILESTONES: * Joined SCA (Sept., A.S. 25)

Laurel (May, A.S. 30)

Court Baroness (Sept., A.S. 31)

Pelican (Feb., A.S. 34)

Royal Augmentation of Arms (Sept., A.S. 38)

Kingdom Augmentation of Arms (April, A.S., 49)

Daughter Elisabeth's Dragon's Treasure (Aug., A.S. 42)

Daughter Elisabeth's AoA (Mar., A.S. 44)

Daughters Elisabeths Royal Augmentation (April, A.S. 45)

Daughter Elisabeths Does Grace (April, A.S. 45)