Roewynne Langley

Order of the Pelican

Modern Name: Terri Joyce Shurgin
Elevation Date: 2007-08-09

I've been an Archer and Scribe in both Calligraphy and Illumination since 1981. I married Vorlin o'r Gwig (Gary Shurgin) in 1987, and have 3 daughters: Rebecca (at Northern Ill. U., in DeKalb) majoring in Physics, Math & Chemistry; Rachel a Jr. in HS, taking Culinary Arts at Vocational school, and Jessica, a H,S. Freshman who loves Band, and plays the Clarinet. They all participate in the SCA. I am the Librarian at Crooksville High School.

I live in the boonies in the middle of the Barony of the Middle Marches. I am a member of the Shire of Mugmort. I have been an Archery Marshal since 1982, and am currently the Pennsic Youth Archery Commander.