Roana Aldinoch (Dame, she/her)

Order of the Pelican

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Modern Name: Roana Isenholt
Group: Barony of Illiton, Region of Midlands
Elevated by: William & Isolde
Elevation Date: 2017-05-06
Protégé of: Wilhelm Michalik

Roana Aldinoch was born in the winter of 1169 in Totnes, England. She is a widow who spends her days brewing beer for the odd coin and studying any book she can get her hands on.

Roana Isenholt works as a data scientist. She enjoys organizing events in order to create places for others to live the dream. She spends her copious amounts of downtime (coughs) bookbinding, sewing, brewing, doing leather crafting, and generally avoiding sleep by finding that one more thing that she just has to learn about/do/see. You can find her in the Barony of Illiton, Midlands.

Dependents: Eoin Atta Keld, student