Nyilas Kazmer

Order of the Pelican

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Modern Name: George Martin
Group: Hawkland Moor, Riding of Northwoods, Region of Pentamere
Elevated by: Cameron and Amalie
Elevation Date: 2014-08-07

SCA member since A.S 23 (1988). Local group: The Riding of Hawkland Moor (a Canton of the Barony of Northwoods). Current offices: Group Knight's Marshal for Hawkland Moor, Marshal of the field for: Armored Combat, Combat Archery, Target Archery, Thrown Weapons, Youth Combat. Past offices: Society Deputy Marshal for Youth Combat, 2014-2018 Middle Kingdom Deputy Earl Marshal for Youth Combat, 2011-2014, Pentamere Regional Youth Combat Marshal, 2008 - 2011, Canton Herald, Canton Exchequer. Authorized in Armored Combat 1992, Archery Marshal 1989, Youth Combat Marshal 2000, Armored Combat Marshal 2004, Thrown Weapons Marshal 2004, Combat Archery Marshal 2020. Squired to Sir Timothy Garagchan o'Leitrim, KSCA, OP. Apprenticed to Master Nigellus Le Haie, OL. Interests: Youth activities, woodworking (bowyer), leatherworking, metalworking, weaving, brewing. Other SCA awards: AoA, April 1989; ADB, May 1990; APF, July 1990; OSO, Jan 1995; ODH, Feb 2011.