Lewys Michael Patrick Blackmore

Order of the Pelican

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Modern Name: Patrick A. Giese
Group: Kingdom of Ansteorra
Elevated by: HRM Kenna Harve
Elevation Date: 1998-08-14

_Motto: Audentes fortuna juvat (Fortune favors the bold) _

Poor Lewys' Requirements for recommending someone as a Pelican candidate, and requirements for a Protégé:

All of these factor into my consideration of someone as a potential member of this order. Not all are equally weighted, nor equally important, and listed in no particular order:

They show reasonable and informed respect for the governance of kingdom and the Society, and show due respect for the Crowns of the Kingdom and those who hold the lands in fee.

As they serve in offices, they should do something to improve that office - leave it better than they found it. Demonstrate equanimity while in office, showing that they recognize that serving in office is exactly that, serving, not a status enhancement or a way to garner awards or recognition.

They are obvious in their demonstration of courtesy and noble behavior, and strive to be as authentically period for their persona as they can afford to be.

They lead, by example or by influence or persuasion. They are capable of handling challenging situations coolly and equitably.

They encourage others in service, by sharing knowledge, by training, by providing supported opportunities for others to grow into service roles as well.

When confronted with a serious challenge or worse, failure, they own responsibility for their part of it, look for the correct solution, apologize where needed and make any necessary course or personal correction to address it effectively. They accept criticism gracefully and thoughtfully.

They are someone who's company I enjoy, and who understands the basics of hospitality.

They are reasonably well-rounded as a noble of the Middle Ages - and a denizen of a civilized court. Ideally with some knowledge of period literature, dancing, music, heraldry and some familiarity with combat as practiced in the Society.

And finally, there is an indefinable something, a touch or feel to them that says they have a clue. That all of the above fits them like a second skin. They get it. I can't really quantify this readily, but I know it when I see it and experience it.

A Protégé must show a natural inclination and enjoyment of intelligent service. My role as the Peer is to help them cultivate the maturity in service they must demonstrate to be considered a Peer. I also help them learn to navigate the treacherous waters of interpersonal communication, managing reputation, and dealing with those who for whatever reason are threatened by their abilities and capacities for service. I help to polish their skills, direct them where opportunities reside, show them how to step carefully around pitfalls, and how to gracefully and humbly recover from grievous faux pas. My standards and expectations for my Protégés are much higher than those of the Society or the Order.