Kyppyn Kirkcaldy

Order of the Pelican

Modern Name: Kipp Martines
Elevated by: Ullr & AnneLyse
Elevation Date: 2008-10-18
Protégé of: Dafydd Blaidd

My Persona is a 10th century norseman.


I have been in the SCA since 1989. In addition to serving the Society, I do SCA Armored combat, SCA Rapier Combat, woodworking, armor construction, leather craft, and illumination. My household, Paragon Keep, is comprised of many fighters, artisans, and good gentles dedicated to service in the SCA.


The Middle Kingdom

Court Baron Order of the PelicanRoyal Augmentation of ArmsOrder of the Sapphire Order of the Silver OakAugustine Prize 2005- Service to the Chroniclers officePurple Fret - AoA level service award

Kingdom of Meridies

KSCA - Knight of the Society

CKP- Sovereign’s Pleasure - Service to the King during His Reign

CMM- Meridian Majesty - Service to the Queen during Her Reign

CBM- Bough of Meridies - Grant level Service award

CAS- Argent Shield - AoA level fighting award

GOA - Grant of Arms

CMC- Meridian Cross - AoA level Arts & Science award

CSG- Sable Gryphon - Baronial AoA level award

AOA - Award of Arms

Barony of Thor's Mountain

CRHS- Ram's Horn for Service

CRHF- Ram's Horn for Fighting

CSH- Silver Heart for chivalry to the ladies of the Barony

CAF- Argent Feather - Service to the Baronial newsletter

Barony of Flaming Gryphon

Flaming Brand - Service to the Barony

Gryphon's Plume - Service to the Arts & Sciences

Sable Shield - Service to the Martial Arts

Society Awards

William Black Fox- 2005 for Best Layout