Katharina von der Waldwiese

Order of the Pelican

Modern Name: Sarah Reeseman
Elevated by: Palymar III and Aislinn
Elevation Date: 1998-02-07

Katharina is a late 14th Century Prussian noblewoman married off to an English knight as a tourney ransom. She was actually relieved for a change of scenery and spends her time touring the continent and the isles with her beloved husband (Viscount Myles Blackheath, KSCA, OP) on the tournament circuit. She has a love of armored combat, rapier combat, seige weapons & archery. In the Society, Katharina is active in the marshallate and enjoys a wide variety of arts and sciences especially: medieval medicine, costuming, historical research, counted thread needlework, music, and illumination.

Sarah Reeseman works as an Technical Support Consultant in Cincinnati, OH, and actively participates in voluteer activites for American Cancer Sociey, Susan B. Komen Foundation and more. She is also an retired officer who served in Ohio Military Reserve as a Military Police and Civial Support as in leadership roles, as the Brigade Web Supervisor/IT Officer, and as the Brigade Public Affairs Officer.