Justinos Tekton

Order of the Pelican

Modern Name: Scott Courtney
Elevated by: TRM Valharic and Alys
Elevation Date: 2002-08-15

In the Current Middle Ages, Maistor Justinos Tekton called Justin is a Byzantine from the early 11th Century. With his wife, Milica of Varna, Justin now travels (using his English name) in western Europe, living off money he made as a designer of aqueducts and sewers in Constantinople and from a small income as an itinerant tinker. Justin enjoys archery, woodworking, and theatrical arts, and has spent some time learning the skills of combat as well. Roads in Europe are sometimes dangerous, after all! Justin has had the pleasure of serving as Seneschal at local, regional, and deputy kingdom levels, and as a Master/Mentor Chirurgeon.

In the modern world, Scott Courtney is a Principal Engineer who works for a consulting company specializing in Linux on IBM mainframes and other large-scale Open Source deployments. He has completed several projects in the People's Republic of China, working with local telecommunications businesses to improve their IT systems, and he has over two dozen technical articles published online and in print.

Justin lives in the Marche of Alderford, modernly known as Canton, Ohio, USA. His SCA-related web site is athttp://sca.4th.com/justin.