Fiona Averylle O'Connor of Maidenhead

Order of the Pelican

I have no other image of her arms than this, though she had received a kingdom Augmentation from Dag of a gold ring, which she centered in the chief, and a quartering, which she wore in spite of the college of heralds (She had been Dragon Herald, and as such did not dispute the wisdom or wishes of the Crown) wherein her arms were quartered with a Midrealm pale with a Dragon Rampant maintaining a gold trumpet.

She was also founding Baroness (Along with Baron Byron) of the Barony of Rising Waters, now in the Kingdom of Ealdormere, and was granted the title of White Mantle Herald Extraordinaire (a lifetime honor).

His Grace Talymar, speaking at her funeral, said that as long as you speak the name of loved ones and honor their memory, they are never truly gone. Thank you for reading my words on Fiona, whom I loved, and still love, beyond words. Warmest Regards, and Many Thanks, -Contessa Tamara