Dirk Edward of Frisia

Order of the Pelican

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Modern Name: Dirk Hermance
Group: Barony of Brendoken, Region of North Oaken
Elevated by: Cameron and Amalie
Elevation Date: 2014-08-07

My persona is based in England just post the Plague years - 1363. My roots are Frisian by birth, and as I was adopted by an English noble at a young age, there is very little I know beyond this. The Friese carry no written records to speak of. I travel out of country on business. To keep myself busy I have had a business in cloth and herbs and have been known to dress in mufti to go among the home weavers and spinners as well as growers of herbs. In this manner I can generate a fair price and pay a fair price, obtain the highest quality materials I can find, and thus re-sell it for a modest profit. I'm not a stranger to wars and conflicts and will raise a sword on behalf of my home and Crown. I study military tactics and modern methods of the grenadier, particularly in siege and ballistic weapons. My ability to travel in mufti has helped me obtain valuable information for my Crown. --------------------- SCA background: I'm a dinosaur. I started in the SCA in AS 9. I've lived in 3 kingdoms. Initially started my fighter training in the Mists after trying it for the first time at a demo in the East before moving. I've been in the Middle Kingdom since 1981. I've served in a lot of offices, done innumerable demos, events and feasts. I share all this experience with anyone who asks, and continue to find new interests to explore in the SCA.