Lorelei Skye
Performance, Bardic

Order of the Laurel

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Modern Name: Lorelei Skye
Specialties: Performance, Bardic
Group: Barony of Illiton, Region of Midlands
Elevation Date: 2017-08-08
Apprentice of: John Inchingham

Lorelei Skye has been wandering around the SCA for nearly 20 years. Apprenticed to Master John Inchingham the Fool in early 2005. Citizen of the Middle Kingdom, who turned west and ended up across the bridge on a couple of 'extended visits' to Calontir. Currently resides in the Midlands - Barony of Illiton (Peoria, IL).

Primary interests: Bardic and Performing Arts. I am a singer/songwriter, musician (hammered dulcimer, various percussion). I also enjoy theater, madrigals, early vocal music, and instrumental dance music.