Iasmin de Cordoba
Food, Herbs, Nutrition

Order of the Laurel

Modern Name: Gaylin Walli
Specialties: Food, Herbs, Nutrition
Elevated by: Valharic and Alys
Elevation Date: 2002-08-15

About Iasmin:

Iasmin Isabella Maria Magdelena de Cordoba (Midrealm: PF, Kings Chalice, CSO, CW, OL, OP) is a late 16th-century Spanish woman with a passion for unladylike pursuits such as reading more than just her prayer book.

Her studies include the writings of such learned authors as Pliny the Elder and Dioscorides. She also actively studies a number of ancient manuscripts relating to the history of medicine , cooking and nutrition , and medical botany , for which she was elevated.

Iasmin retired to her estates after serving as the territorial baroness of the Barony of Roaring Wastes, Middle Kingdom (South-East Michigan).

About Gaylin:

Gaylin Walli is a ne'er-do-well writer, small business owner, and dilettante. She is treated like a princess on a regular basis by her husband and soul-mate, Sir Kamiizumi Munenori.

Apprentices and Students:

I regularly mentor and counsel many people; however, on May 24th, 2003, I formally asked Sgt Renaude Delunay of the Pentamere Free Company, to be my first apprentice.

Since that time, I was honored to accept as an apprentice Baron Gwylym Penbras, a blademaker of considerable skill, talent, and generosity. He has since gone on to become a master in his own right and is the blademaster who reforged Oathbinder, thus ensuring its continued existence as the Midrealm Sword of State.