EikBrandr Solgyafi
Technology, Metalworking

Order of the Laurel

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Modern Name: Ted Bouck
Specialties: Technology, Metalworking
Group: Barony of Cleftlands, Region of North Oaken
Elevated by: Cameron and Amalie
Elevation Date: 2016-08-11

I have been working in various metals since I joined the SCA in 1984. The early years were mosty armouring and blacksmithing. Once I became a Viking persona, the metal culture of the 10th Century became a huge inspiration for me. I went from making iron objects and knives, to working in copper alloy and the noble metals of silver and gold. My specialty is stamped and plaited rings, and have branched out in stone work, filigree, niello, casting, and other jewelry processes all focused on the work done by the early Master silversmiths of this era.