Constance Grey

Order of the Laurel

Specialties: Embroidery?
Elevated by: Finn III & Tamara
Elevation Date: 2000-04-29
Apprentice of: Aramanthra the Vicious

Member of the Shire of Grey Gargoyles (South Chicago), Midrealm Companion of the Willow 01/07/95 Queen's Favor (Elayna Lilley) 03/27/99 Queen's Favor (Tamara Di Firenze) 09/25/99 RUM Dean, College of Arts and Sciences 2000-2002 Moved to Barony Marche Debatable Lands, Aethelmearc 2004; active in both Kingdoms. My areas of strongest current interest are: Embroidery - particularly needlepainting and goldwork Sewing - tentmaking, heraldic banners and cloaks, armor, costuming Cooking & presentation Painting - decorative painting for furniture, banners and tents