Birgit av Birka
Norse Studies

Order of the Laurel

Modern Name: D. Patkus
Specialties: Norse Studies
Elevation Date: 1992-01-22

What did you want to know about norse tribes & culture during the Viking Periods.....?

Need help with an....... A&S Project?

Need help with that documentation?

Well, what are you waiting for? Write me!

If I can't be of help I'll at least try to find someone who can.

Please write something in the Subject Line of your email

so I know you are an SCA member wanting to know something.


Elevated by: Comar and Lisa

Date of elevation: 22 January, 1992

Apprenticed to: BrynhildR Kormaksdottir

Specializing in Research of Norse material culture with an emphasis

on functional dress and clothes construction. Practice of all Norse

handicrafts but with joy in the textile works!

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  1. October 2014
    Hello Everybody!

Good Golly, look at all these people making like Vikings since there's a History Channel TV Series of that name! It's nice for storytelling. I encourage you all to get out there and look for great archaeological reports on the Viking Age burial finds as you put your kits together. Read a Saga or two!

Last I checked the above information for me was somewhat munged. In 2013 I moved to the Kingdom of Artemisia and now live in the Shire of Otherhill. I've actually started showing up at events and am active out here. I'm fairly easy to find on the Boke of Face if you need to get in touch. You can also write me at three-thirty Hutton St., Green River, WY 82935. The email, birgit {at} cmpmail {dot} com, and the cell number remain the same (and I still don't IM or check my voicemails from this phone).

Missing You All,