Amelie d'Anjou

Order of the Laurel

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Modern Name: Emilysue Reichardt
Specialties: Music
Elevated by: Dag & Elayna
Elevation Date: 1998-10-03
Apprentice of: Theodora von Igelheim

Amelie has a number of interests, but music is chief. She sings and plays bowed strings of any time period, and has done extensive research in the troubador and trouvere area, with a current interest south of the Pyreenes.

Gardening is also a passion. She has a walled renaissance garden with herbs, period roses, and a number of espaliered apple and pear trees which have yet to bear fruit.

Other interests include spinning, tablet weaving, dyeing (from plants in the garden), sprang and cooking. (I've researched warp-weighted looms, but haven't quite done it yet.)

She is also mother to 3 boys, and a greyhound. (don't think that loom will get made any time soon)

Please contact if you are interested in having one of these classes taught in your area. See contact info for email or phone, or find me on FB under my mundane name.

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