Aiden Elfëadur
Illumination, Pigments, Cooking

Order of the Laurel

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Modern Name: Steven Otlowski
Specialties: Illumination, Pigments, Cooking
Group: Kingdom of the Middle
Elevated by: Corwyn & Shana
Elevation Date: 1988-08-20

As it is frequently in the nature of my people to wander, it is hard to say from whence I come. Ages come and go, names and reckonings change, and in the end these things mean little. So, I generally say that Aiden Elfeadur wandered into the current middle ages in the first reign of Laurelen and Ithriliel over the Great Kingdom of the Midrealm, which is to say in October of the fourteenth year of the reckoning of the Society. Over these recent years, I have made my home within the Barony of the Cleftlands. I have many interests, including: Calligraphy and Illumination, Period Pigments, Period Cookery, Renaissance Dance, Enameling and Jewelry making, and many other things that catch my fancy from moment to moment. As in life at large, I believe that the list of things you "can not do" starts with those things you aren't willing to try. So, I have many interests and undertakings to keep me busy.