Darius Lowen

Order of Defense

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Elevated by: Cameron II and Amalie II
Elevation Date: 2016-08-11

12th Member of the Middle Kingdom's Order of Defence

Court Baron from William and Isolde

Order of the Dragon's Heart

88th Companion of the Order of the Bronze Ring

Past Kingdom Rapier Champion of Cellach and Vukasin, receiving a Royal Vanguard.

Doe's Grace from Vukasin II.

Royal Augmentation of Arms from Alric and Katherine

Past Barional Rapier Champion of Middle Marches, Fenix, and Flaming Gryphon

Past Pennsic Rapier Champions team Captain/Coach/CoCaptain

Past Pennsic Rapier Champions team member

Past Gulf Wars Champions team member

One of the Premier members of the Middle Marches' Chevron Cloaks - Gold

Former Protege of Sir William of Fairhaven