ThorvaldR Svenson

Order of the Chivalry

Modern Name: Dave Lehfeld
Elevated by: Lief and Morrigan Drachenwald
Elevation Date: 2011-07-16

Drachenwald: Award of Arms, Padraig and Elsa 2005-03-19; Silver Guard, Sven and Jovi 2008-04-12; County, Marcus and Cecilia 2009-01-03; Patent of Arms, Marcus and Cecilia 2009-01-03; Duchy, UlfR and Caoimhe 2010-06-19; Knighthood, Lief and Morrigan 2011-07-16; Sigillum Coronae-King, Prothall 2014-06-14; Lindquistringes, Lief and Morrigan 2014-09-27; PCS, Siridean and Jahanara 2017-11-11