Njal Tjorkilsson

Order of the Chivalry

Modern Name: Jeff Preston
Elevated by: Cellach
Elevation Date: 2017-11-04

Njal Tjorkilsson, Joined SCA 1989, Member of the BLACKWOOD Mercenary Brigade (West). Squired to Duke Tjorkill Kanne (AnTir) 1991, [US Army 1996-2000], Knighted 2002 at Gulf Wars by Wilem Tjorkilsson (AnTir), transferred to the Midrealm under RagnvaldR II and Arabella II, Resigned Peerage 2008 (Northshield), Returned to the SCA 2016 (Midrealm), knighted by Cellach II at Grand Day of Tournaments, November 2017.