Guerric des Wilde Fuchs

Order of the Chivalry

Modern Name: Jim Harding
Elevated by: Their Majesties Bardolph & Brigh; Vigiled by Edmund & Kateryn
Elevation Date: 2001-04-21

Though I know this is a place to list my attributes or accomplishments I ask your indulgence for a few words about what I'm most proud of.

My squires have given me reason to continue my quest of knighthood and hopes for a true camelot in my lifetime. They stand in my mind as examples of the dream along side my heroes and peers alike. Please note these gentles and aide me in helping them live the dream...

In no particular order :) (please forgive any misspellings)

Hugh Kilrock, Currently in kingdom of Ealdermere

Raymond of Salsbury, Currently in the kingdom of NorthSheild

Duncan Burns (ka Monster)

Quenild of Mercia

Sigandus Sig

Fergus MacPherson

Sigur of ClovenShield

Foster squire - Kenwrec Wulf Currently in kingdom of Trimaris

Foster squire - Ehrenfried Schertenleiv

They all have what it takes in their hearts to make anyone proud of them and reach whatever goals they set their minds to achieve.

Know that Sir Kilian Fendrich and Sir Sabah Al-Rashid, my former squires, will always be near to my heart as well...