Alan Culross

Order of the Chivalry

Modern Name: Michael L. Squires
Elevated by: Eliahu and Elen
Elevation Date: 1984-08-18
Squire of: Moonwulf Starkaaderson

Alan Culross' lady is Baroness Tabitha Ashwell Culross; they have one daughter, Elisabeth. Alan Culross joined the Society in Mynydd Seren and first was active as a dancer. After moving to the Barony of the Cleftlands he concentrated on assisting with Pennsic (being deputy autocrat at Pennsic XIV and member of the Pennsic Committee for some years). He became Earl Marshall of the Middle Kingdom in 1988 and served as deputy marshall-in-charge at Pennsics XVII and XIX and was marshall-in-charge at Pennsic XVIII. Alan is now an apprentice of Master Guichart, OL, who is instructing him in the making of quality armor. The armor Sir Alan is wearing was made by Messire Roberto de Milano, OL. It is a three-quarter black-and-white armor for a pistoleer from about 1575. The decoration is based on armors made for the Imperial armies; many similar harnesses may be seen in the armory at Graz. Alan Culross, KSCA, OP, Baron of the Court, OW, ODH, OPF, ODG (twice) bears the arms "on a field divided per fess or and sable a phoenix counterchanged".